Posted on 29-Oct-18
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In both applications for IACET accreditation (initial or renewal) you are asked to submit evidence from actual courses (exemplary courses) to show that you follow the policies and processes submitted.  The reviewers need to see an exemplary course for each type of delivery methodology used by your organizations. IACET classifies training delivery methodology in three ways: 

  • Live: defined as the instructor and students are in the same time and place 

  • Distance: defined as the instructor (and by instructor we can also mean some form of technology that is delivering the course) and learners are separated by time and/or place 

  • Hybrid: defined as a combination of the two listed above 

An organization does not need to submit course examples from every delivery method if they do NOT intend to issue IACET CEUs for that type of course.  For example, many providers offer elearning that does met the ANSI/IACET Standard for CE/T so they only use live courses as their examples in the application.  

For the initial application there are the following ways to organize your exemplary courses:? 

  1. If your organization is only delivering live courses, then for all but one element (5.1A) you will use ONE exemplary course throughout the application.? Please keep it the same course throughout and don’t mix your courses.? In element 5.1A we need to see learning outcomes from TWO courses. 

  1. If your organization delivers courses both live and distance, then we need to see two courses throughout and the exception in 5.1A is covered by the second course. 

  1. If your organization delivers courses live, distance and through a hybrid model then we need to see THREE courses throughout and the exception in 5.1A is covered. 

For the re-application (accreditation renewal): 

In Section 5 – compliance, the reviewers want to see course materials from THREE courses.? If you only deliver live training, then that would be THREE individual live courses (eg: Course 1- Leadership Skills;? Course 2 – Project Management;? Course 3 – Supervisory Skills?) If your organization delivers courses both live and at a distance, then submit two live and one distance or vice versa. This only if you plan to offer CEUs for all delivery methods. Please organize the documents by course.  The application will allow you three documents to be uploaded and each document should cover one complete course documentation.   

At the time of site visit you may be asked to show other examples of the delivery methods that you intend to offer CEUs for.  You should prepare at least 2 additional courses for that review. 

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