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Unlock Industry Excellence with IACET: Your Gold Standard for Continuing Education and Training Integrity

As a key policy-maker responsible for upholding the highest standards in professional education and training, you understand the critical role of quality assurance in safeguarding public well-being. IACET, accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), offers a gold standard in instructional design and delivery. Regulatory organizations like yours leverage IACET's accreditation to elevate the quality and rigor of their educational programs—without incurring any additional costs.

Our Expertise

Standards Development

As an ANSI Accredited Standards Development Organization, we are responsible for the development, maintenence, and disseminatation of research-backed, evidence-based standards that promote and enhance quality continuing education and training.

Accreditation Services

Our rigorous third-party evaluation processes verify organizations in the continuing education and training space meet the ANSI/IACET Standard for Continuing Education and Training.

Customized Training and Professional Development

We provide training and professional development on how organizations can develop quality training programs and integrate best practices that align with the standards into the fabric of their corporate training culture.

Why Partner with IACET

Quality Assurance

IACET accreditation provides a clearinghouse of providers that have been pre-vetted by an independent third-party as having demonstrated with evidence they adhere to IACET Standards and are committed to continious improvement.

Global Recognition

Many regulators across the globe rely on IACET's accreditation and expertises to ensure that training organizations providing training, especially in health and safety verticals, are delivering effective training that meets its stated goals.


We are the pioneering organization that orginally developed the Continuing Education Unit (CEU) in 1970 and have been actively maintaining it for over 50 years.

Future Focused

We are at the forefront of training and professional development standards, continuously evolving to meet the needs of a dynamic workforce.

  1. Standardization: IACET accreditation ensures that training providers meet a universal standard, streamlining the evaluation process for regulators and ensuring a consistent level of quality across providers. This makes it easier for states to have reciprocity agreements, ensuring that learning one jurisdiction is recognized by another.
  2. Quality Assurance: The accreditation serves as a seal of approval, giving regulators confidence that the training programs they oversee are of high quality and adhere to industry best practices. This helps weed out the bad apples and low-level providers who aren’t effective.
  3. Efficiency: Utilizing IACET's established accreditation process can save regulators valuable time and resources in vetting training providers, allowing them to allocate efforts to other important regulatory tasks.
  4. Consistency: IACET accreditation promotes uniformity in training programs, making it easier for regulators to compare and contrast different providers on an equal footing.
  5. Transparency: The accreditation process is transparent, providing regulators with clear criteria and evaluation methods, which can be communicated easily to stakeholders and the public. By using a third-party vetting platform, regulators are insulated from criticism.

Multiple levels of Engagement with IACET


Providers who are IACET accredited have streamlined application processes to be included on state approved lists.


Workforce professionals and licesnees with IACET CEUs can apply those to continuing educationa and professional development requirements for initial and renewal licensces.


Regulatory agencies requiring accreditation prioritize accountability, transparency, and learner success.

Lead the Way

Regulatory agencies who directly provide training should become accredited providers.

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