Reaccreditation Process

Why Reaccredit?

To ensure that your organization continues to meet quality continuous education and training practices, IACET requires that APs reapply for accreditation every five years. IACET aims to ensure that all APs remain current and consistent with the most correct version of the ANSI/IACET Standards.

However, reaccreditation is about more than maintaining AP status. The application process itself enhances an organization’s capacity for continuous improvement.

IACET Accredited Provider (AP) accreditation brings with it many benefits, including:

  • The ability to issue IACET Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • Credibility and a competitive edge in the marketplace
  • Membership in a select community of organizations that share a commitment to rigor, excellence and integrity in continuing education and training (CE/T).

Current, Comprehensive, Complete

In steps mirroring those followed in the original application, the IACET Commission will again review an organization’s policies and processes to verify compliance with the ANSI/IACET Standard for Continuing Education and Training.

Accredited Providers benefit from a comprehensive CE/T audit. The rigorous application process and thorough accreditation interview will bring the latest best practices in continuing education and training to your organization—practices that have evolved in the five years since your initial accreditation.

What Happens When You’re Up for Renewal

IACET will send an electronic reaccreditation notification letter approximately 18 months, 12 months, six months, and three months prior to the organization’s accreditation expiration date. In order for the IACET Commission to process the application before the accreditation lapses, the applicant must obtain and complete the reaccreditation application and submit it to IACET at least 90 days prior to the accreditation expiration dateFailure to submit your application within that time will result in the removal of your organization from the IACET AP directory and your discontinued authorization to issue IACET CEUs.

Preparing for Your Renewal

Step 1

Purchase and download the new ANSI/IACET Standard and application. The can be completed through the new online accrediation system.  Login to the IACET website and click "Accreditation Application" link.  Here you will be able to purchase latest Standard and access the application for reaccrediation.


Step 2

Take advantage of the many resources available to help you prepare a successful application:

  • AP Application Project Plan Template
  • Free application assistance webinars. These one-hour webinars give you the chance to get answers to your specific questions about the application process. You may participate in as many of these webinars as you like.
  • Our one-day or two-day application workshops(no link) offered each month. The workshops review each required element of the Standard with special attention to the documentation needed for a successful application.
  • Illustration showing how the ANSI/IACET Standard relates to the ADDIE (analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation) model.

Step 3

Conduct an audit to assess your training program and ensure you have the necessary policies, processes, and record-keeping in place for a successful program and the efficient renewal of your AP accreditation.

Step 4

Complete and submit the online application at least 90 days prior to your expiration date to allow IACET to process your renewal application without a lapse in your accreditation. A fee of $895 USD is assessed if your accreditation expires.

The IACET Standard and AP Application package costs $495.00 USD. At the time of submission, applicants are required to submit a non-refundable fee of $3,275.00 USD for that covers an application review, one review of additional submitted information if requested and administrative costs. Additionally, the applicant will remit the organization's first year's annual maintenance fee of $1,095.00 USD. The annual maintenance fee is refunded in the event the organization fails to achieve accreditation.


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