Becoming an IACET Accredited Provider

IACET grants accreditation for entities offering adult continuing education and training (CE/T). That its professional education or training courses offered to adults who are typically past their formative years of education. Adult learners comprise a unique demographic that have special needs when it comes to the instructional design and delivery of quality CE/T.

To be granted IACET Accredited Provider designation, organizations apply demonstrating they are compliant with the ANSI/IACET 1-2018 Standard for Continuing Education and Training. The Accredited Provider (AP) application and review is a rigorous process that involves extensive hands-on evaluation. Its thorough nature ensures that AP status is valued in the marketplace and that organizations that have been approved as an IACET Accredited Provider.

The Application Process

Step 1

Go to and review the eligibility criteria, application process, and FAQ page.  

Step 2

Create a free user account profile here or by clicking “Login” on the main page. Once logged in, download the Accreditation Readiness Calculator and free Guide to IACET Accreditation . To ensure you are ready for the accreditation review, the self-audit using the calculator is intended to identify any gaps in policies, processes or evidence that must be addressed before an application is submitted. The Accreditation Guide will give you information on IACET, the importance of the IACET CEU, what to expect regarding the accreditation process, as well as policies, fees, and timelines.  

Step 3

Purchase the ANSI/IACET 1-2018 Standard and AP Application (Prospective AP).You will need to purchase the application package designating your organization as the owner, not you as an individual. The cost of the Standard and Application is $495.00. This fee provides you access to numerous resources that will assist you through the accreditation process. Remember that the application expires after one year.  

Step 4

To access your application for accreditation, login to your IACET account and choose "My Accreditation,” then “Application," and “Work on Application.” Keep in mind, you may want to work offline with the Word document we provide you in this area.  However, know that all documentation will have to be submitted eventually through the online system (in PDF, typically one per element unless otherwise noted.) 

Step 5

Take advantage of the many resources, including learning events, available to help you prepare a successful application:  

  • Free Accreditation Assistance Webinars. These one-hour webinars give you an overview of the application process. You will also be able to ask the presenters questions. You may participate in as many of these webinars as you like. To view a previous from past webinars, click the video link.  
  • AP workshops are offered at locations throughout the U.S. and virtually. The interactive workshops are designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the IACET Accreditation application process, especially the Introduction to IACET Accreditation Workshop. It will guide you through the foundational concepts of the ANSI/IACET 1-2018 Standard for Continuing Education and Training and how to apply them to your operations. You must purchase the standard before registering for the workshop.  
  • A Practical Approach to Training Adults is also available to help your subject matter experts apply principles of adult learning in the classroom or online in reference to the ANSI/IACET Standard.  

Step 6

Complete and submit the application for accreditation electronically.  

The accreditation fee of $4,290.00 USD, plus the first year’s annual maintenance fee of $1,095.00 USD will be collected at the time you submit your application for review. Once accredited, you’ll maintain accreditation with the annual report and an annual maintenance fee of $1,095.00 USD during your 5-year accreditation period.  

Online Application Submission

IACET's accreditation application is 100% online.  The online process provides a portal for documented communications between the IACET Peer Reviewer and the applicant.  The online application also allows the provider to work on the submission and return to it as many times as needed until it is ready to submit to IACET for review. Additional review fees may apply.

If this is your first time to submit for accreditation, you will want to purchase the latest ANSI/IACET Standard & Application for Prospective APs in our online store. You have one year from when you purchase the Standard to submit for accreditation.

Questions? Visti the FAQs or contact us.


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