Posted on: September 15, 2021
Author: Casandra Blassingame, IACET CEO
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IACET, the CEU, and a Golden Opportunity…

In the June 1993 edition of ‘The Report’, the former IACET newsletter, President Grover J. Andrews, shared, “It’s been hard to believe that the CEU has been in existence for twenty-five years. Since it was conceived and created by the National Task Force in the Spring of 1968, the continuing education unit (CEU) has brought systematic recognition to millions of adult non-credit learners. No single national generic unit of measure existed for the field of continuing education and training prior to 1968. Thousands of organizations have incorporated the use of the CEU into their education and training programs. Hundreds of individuals across the nation have contributed time, effort, and personal resources to bring the CEU into its current place and status.” IACET, the CEU, and Sterling Silver…

Here we are, 2021, and it is still hard to believe that the CEU has been in existence since 1970 [1968]. Over the last year and a half, I have made numerous presentations to interested training organizations and individuals. When I ask an audience how many are familiar with the CEU, there is not a hand that remains unraised. When I tell the story, that IACET is the organization that created the CEU under the direction of the Department of Education – Boom! I have their attention!

50 years later, millions of organizations, colleges, and universities have incorporated the use of the CEU into their education and training or continuing education programs. A unit of measure that provides validity and recognition for adult learners across industries be they job seekers or incumbent employees with a need to maintain a professional license. What an incredible vision and display of innovation by this group of adult educators lead by the late Dr. Grover J. Andrews.

The 2022-2026 Strategic Plan is currently in the planning stages. The plan is titled “Survive, Thrive, and Arrive.” It speaks to some of the transitions we have had as an organization over the years that have shaped IACET from a National Task Force to an Accrediting Body and ultimately an ANSI Accredited Standards Developing Organization. Today, IACET has close to 600 Accredited Providers who have issued millions of CEUs to adult learners. Making strategic moves and operationalizing the plan with great certainty, positions IACET to Thrive and Arrive, in other words, EMERGE as the voice of continuing education and training accreditation.

The 50th Anniversary of the CEU is being celebrated at this year’s conference. The 2nd Annual Continuing Education and Training Conference: Innovating Then, Innovating Now is happening September 21-22, 2021, in Reston, VA at the Hyatt Regency. As IACET thrives, it enables us to assist our Accredited Providers and Affiliates thrive. The content presented at this year’s conference will help you focus on initiatives that support and are a part of your growth strategy. Things that matter.

I encourage you join us by registering to hear from speakers, best-selling author Mike Veny (an IACET Accredited Provider), Karin Athanas Executive Director of the TIC Council Americas and session presenters Norina Columbaro, Delaney King, Sherard Jones, and Lori Schnaider. We close the conference with the Awards Ceremony and Gala with our keynote speaker internationally recognized educator Dr. Henry Shannon, President and Superintendent of Chaffey College, Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

I have spent my entire career - 23 years now - in the workforce development and continuing education and professional studies space. Working with adult learners with varying skill levels and across industries. Serving as the Chief Executive Officer of IACET is my honor. I am looking forward to my role in providing leadership to this organization and to all who engage to continue to usher IACET into the future.

Best regards,

Casandra D. Blassingame, CEO

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Casandra Blassingame, MEd, is the Chief Executive Officer of the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET).  She is a recognized leader in adult and continuing education and has over 20 years of experience in higher education, continuing and professional studies, and workforce development.  Prior to joining IACET as CEO, Casandra was the Vice President of Education Services for the American Gear Manufacturers Association where she led the organization’s effort in achieving and maintaining IACET accreditation.  She has also served as an IACET commissioner, reviewing dozens of applications, and an IACET Board Member.

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