Posted on 07-Aug-17
The Return-on-investment (ROI) of Accreditation – IACET Providers Speak Out! image

Several IACET providers recently shared how their organizations receive ROI from having IACET accreditation. In day where organizations are expected to do more with less, these providers demonstrate how accreditation can make a big difference in the bottom line. Consider the following testimonials:

“A large number of our clientele require CEU's for professional development and find that training from an accredited IACET provider is accepted without question by professional organizations.”

Dan Call,
Smart Horizons


“The IACET Accreditation gives my organization ROI in diverse ways. We consider our international recognition and standing as a ROI from our IACET accreditation. Also, the possibility to register as a member in monthly webinars is also a great ROI for my organization!”

Mercedes Alvarado,
Inter American University of Puerto Rico


“The IACET accreditation of the CA-NV Water College provides ROI in three major ways:

First, it allows the CA-NV Water College to provide accredited courses that are approved by California and Nevada state agencies for Water Treatment and Distribution licensing. This provides financial ROI and makes the educational program both meaningful and viable.  Secondly, the classes we teach help to protect public health by providing education that improves water plant operations and contributes to safe drinking water. The quality and design of these classes is directly related to our IACET accreditation.
Third, our IACET accreditation helps to uplift and promote careers in water. Our classes contribute to the economy and employment levels by providing entry level training, and training that supports career advancement. In addition, this training helps individuals find quality, rewarding careers they can be proud of and advance in.”

Greg Pearson,
California Nevada American Water Works Association Water College


“Training to support the continuing education requirements of licensed professionals must be provided by accredited organizations which can award CEUs/PDHs. The cost for employees to take continuing education courses from third party vendors can run tens of thousands of dollars, even for smaller companies. As an accredited provider of IACET, your company will be able to offer employees options for continuing education training within the company, reducing both hard and soft costs:

  • travel time and ancillary expenses for employees to attend external training,
  • time away from work and,
  • the cost of the training event, which can range from $1500 to over $7000 for a one-week program.

Other benefits include:

  • leveraging employee knowledge and experience to build training that is pertinent to internal projects, culture, and processes,
  • employee engagement and growth through participation in course development opportunities, and
  • the prospect of inviting clients to programs where they can earn CEUs.”

Sumi Deal,
Power Engineers Inc.


“World Instructor Training School partners with College and Universities to offer certification and continuing education programs domestically and internationally. Because of our IACET accreditation, we are able to award CEUs for not only fitness professionals, but also Occupational Therapists, Massage Therapists, Athletic Trainers, and other Allied Health Professionals. The IACET Standard provides the foundation for the development and delivery of quality continuing education and training.”

Dr. Amy Hyams,
World Instructor Training School

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