Posted on: April 11, 2023
Author: Dr. Norina Columbaro
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The January blog, Reboot, Rethink, Retool, focused on YOUR personal lifelong learning for 2023. This month, let’s shift the focus to explore ways to support your lifelong learning by also helping IACET and our global CE/T community reboot, rethink, and retool. 

IACET has exciting initiatives that support the vision of “a world that learns better” and demonstrate rebooting, rethinking, and retooling.  For example, later this year, we will reboot with the release of the updated ANSI/IACET-2023 Standard.  Also, as part of IACET’s content strategy initiatives, we are rebooting our “A Practical Approach to Training Adults” workshop in May to include updated content and delivery modes and the Open Digital badging workshop this Fall. Recently, Diane Elkins (Artisan E-Learning) and Rahul Singh (Harbinger Group) led impactful webinars to help us rethink how we design learning for improved accessibility, ensuring “no learners are left behind”.

Retooling includes finding the right learning supports to help you reboot and rethink. So, how can you support IACET, the CE/T community worldwide, AND contribute to your own lifelong learning? Here are a few actionable ideas:

· Help IACET improve the 2023 Standard by submitting your comments. Helping IACET Improve the CE/T Standard. Public comment will be opening soon. 

·  Get involved in committees and leadership  

·  Present a webinar: Webinar proposal submission and agreement form  

·   Attend professional development events and provide feedback: 

IACET Training calendar 

2023 4th Annual Continuing Education and Training Conference in St. Louis

·  Submit a blog: Blog submission and authorization agreement form 

We can all contribute to “a world that learns better” by rebooting, rethinking, and retooling individually, organizationally, and worldwide.  This is our collective call to action - let’s do this!

About the Author

Dr. Norina Columbaro has over 20 years experience as an award-winning talent and organizational development leadership partner. Besides heading up Performance for Life Consulting, she serves as an IACET Instructor, and has been a Commissioner, Chair of the Council,  and has successfully completed the process to become an IACET Accredited Provider (AP) in a previous leadership position (so she knows what it's like to be an applicant!). 

She is a Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) and a Certified Professional Technical Communicator (CPTC).  She also holds a Ph.D. from Cleveland State University in Urban Education, specializing in Leadership and Life-Long Learning. 

Norina's research and work have been published in Adult Learning, The International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Human Resource Development Quarterly, and on   

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