Posted on: October 5, 2016
Author: Kristen Seldon
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“Rolling eyes, nodding heads, yawns and far-away stares were just the outward signs that we were losing our audience. Boring, useless, ridiculous, dull, amateur and so 80’s were just a few of the choice descriptors we heard from our students.”

Online orientation? Everyone’s talking about it, but designing and implementing an online orientation can be a daunting task. Where do you begin? What technology do you use? How do you engage the learner? What is your ultimate goal? How do you work with your constituents to get buy in and to move in the desired direction?  It’s important that you answer these questions before you begin this process, but how do you start? Here are 5 steps to get you started!

  • Step 1 - Conduct A Needs Assessment: What Do You Really Need?
  • Step 2 - Select Key Players: Who’s Going To Do The Work?
  • Step 3 - Determine Your Budget: How Are You Going To Pay For It?
  • Step 4 - Know Your Timeline: What’s Your Desired Go Live Date?
  • Step 5 - Get Down To Business: How Do You Make It Happen?       

Use these 5 steps to jumpstart the process and to get you thinking about your student population and what they want and need in an online orientation.  Gen Z students are bringing new and different expectations to college that impact how we deliver services. And older adult students have so many competing priorities that they can rarely come to campus for face-to-face orientations.  Providing orientation to students when they need it, how they want it and in an engaging format promotes student understanding, independence and persistence.

This webinar will guide participants through 10 essential components of a successful online orientation program.  Say yes, to online orientation and join us on October 19th! If you want to attend the Free webinar register here.

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