Posted on: March 9, 2021
Author: Jessica Byrd, Coordinator of Accredited Provider and Member Services
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Becoming an Accredited Provider is increasingly important and more beneficial than ever for your learners!

Most workplaces have reverted to an online operation to navigate these unclear times and have also opted for online training as a result. Why not become an Accredited Provider and allow those individuals to gain IACET CEU’s that are accepted INTERNATIONALLY, yep, INTERNATIONALLY?! Having the option to pull your courses online comes with the benefit to widen your learner audience. This means people from all over the world can attend your courses and still earn valid CEU’s which can help them maintain their status in their field or even advance in their careers!

While we do suggest verifying acceptance with potential agencies these learners might use these CEU’s for just to guarantee you have crossed your T’s and dotted all your I’s, the opportunity for expansion lies in accreditation! To help get you started, we offer an 100% free Accreditation Assistance Webinar to everyone!

First start by creating an IACET profile and get registered under our “Events” tab. Busy at work? No fear, these are held once a month on the second Wednesday at the same 1pm EST time slot! If that still doesn’t quite fit your schedule, we’ve taken the liberty of recording a recent webinar packed with valuable information for you to watch at your convenience.

Coming soon we will have the opportunity for you to speak with our seasoned AP’s to dig a little deeper about the accreditation process to make your decision that much easier! This networking opportunity will be formally announced in the coming weeks with the first option to attend in the spring. For more information make sure to take a few minutes out of the day to read our monthly newsletters or you can reach out to me personally at



About the Author


Holding the title of Coordinator of Accredited Provider and Member Services, Jessica Byrd is charged with handling all member and prospective member inquires directly related to their account. She aides prospective members with any questions they may have in regards to our accreditation process.

With over 10 years of customer service and member service experience, representing the front line of IACET provides her with the opportunity to assist all of our valued providers and individual members to the best of her ability.

Jessica has also been appointed as the staff liaison for the Awards Committee as well as the Membership Committee.

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