Posted on: April 27, 2020
Author: Kimberly Kalista, IACET Marketing Communications Manager
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I grew up with a passion to soak up as much knowledge as possible. After my formal education, I am proud to have become a lifelong learner. Not only does learning new things keep your mind active, it promotes your personal growth and can open you up to connecting with more people.  Focusing on lifelong learner can be easily applied into your everyday life because there is a wealth of knowledge just a click away on the internet. From the comfort of your home there are a wide range of online courses available. You can learn almost anything from how to cook, sew, garden, play games and even master plumbing or masonry at any age.

Often people categorize their lives in three phases: education, work life and retirement. Many people grow up thinking what they learned in school or college was a means to an end to help them find a job. Unfortunately, being a good worker does not guarantee employment. In today’s job market there is a need for people to take on continual education and develop new skills throughout their careers. Lifelong learning is a concept that goes beyond our education system and urges people to keep an open-minded and be curious no matter how old you are. The benefit of having other skills can give you more choice and flexibility when you find yourself getting bored or gives you options to shift gears if work begins to feel unsatisfying.

As you grow up, learning does not have to be about earning degrees or attending renowned establishments. There are so many resources at our fingertips with books, podcast, online courses, professional development programs and other opportunities that make it easier for us to make a habit out of lifelong learning. It can be as simple as training your brain to enjoy new things!

The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) developed the original Continuing Education Unit (CEU) and ensures that providers of continuing education and training deliver high-quality instruction by following the ANSI/IACET Standard. To learn more about IACET and the accreditation process, visit us at

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Kimberly Kalista is the Marketing Communications Manager at IACET. Kim has fifteen years of healthcare marketing experience and is working on completing her Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification. Along with her expertise in developing strategic initiatives and programs throughout all parts of the marketing cycle, Kim has proven success in achieving marketing goals and objectives. She oversees branding and business development initiatives at IACET.

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