Posted on: April 27, 2021
Author: LaDawn Townsend, CEO of VOS Group
Identifying Areas of Leakage Within Your Marketing image

Have enrollments decreased? Have you increased your budget for advertising to still not have the results that you want? Here are two areas of risk within your marketing process.

The first area of risk you may find is that your programs are offering the same content that the learner required before the COVID-19 pandemic and now the need is different. But how do you determine what needs to be enhanced in the curriculum? To confirm this, ask yourself this question “Are you offering the next-level experience to the learner?”

Whether the programs supports the direct consumer of training, companies, or government agencies, it is important to know that your learners are saturated with choices. No matter how dedicated they may be to your business, if there is a solution more appealing to them, they will move on. So, determine for yourself if your content is the primary source learners are turning to for the answer or are they going elsewhere, especially for content you are not providing but aligns to the need of the learner.

The second area of risk in which educators find themselves in is by not going deep enough in the learning experience with the learners.

Take Apple, for example. At first, their products were seen as luxury accessories, but the company has successfully intertwined itself into a pivotal point of life. This company went wide and deep with its customers. How can you go enhance the experience with your learners? What additional content can you provide that meets their needs? Next, how do you market to the learner in a way that attracts and retains their attention?

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