Posted on 23-Jan-18
IACET Accreditation Benefits - Improving Scalability image

Many training organizations are realizing a major benefit to having IACET accreditation which is promoting and reinforcing organizational scalability and operational continuity.

Disorganized processes or those that center around one individual are very prone to break down and dysfunction.  Often a staff member may begin their work with an organization and serve it well.  The proactive, diligent staff member brings order to chaos and helps the organization move forward.  But what happens when that dependable staff member leaves the organization or their position?  How will the next person in that role know what do and when? What are the implications to clients, vendors, learners or other stakeholders?

IACET continuing education and training accreditation requires organizations to document important policies and processes associated with instructional design and delivery. What ISO 9000 is to the manufacturing and service industries, IACET is to training industry.  After completing the IACET accreditation process, providers will realize just how far they have come in establishing a documented quality scalable system that allows for the design and delivery of quality learning.  In turn, organizations can grow on the foundation of those processes and scale without major interruption when one staff member or another leave.  While IACET accreditation will never replace quality staff members, it does give training organizations a framework by which to operate that provides consistency. 

Organizations that want to scale must efficiently manage routine disruption.  IACET helps organizations think through those operational details, provide structure through the required documentation, and gives the provider a competitive edge over others who may prone to the inevitable disruption so common in the 21st century.

Author: Joe McClary, IACET Chief Executive Officer

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