Posted on: April 20, 2020
Author: Rosemarie Bundoc – IACET Accredited Provider
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Got approved to attend a training and can’t wait to learn a ton of new stuff? Great!

But, how do you make sure you get the most value out of the training and also set the groundwork so that you get approved for more down the road?

Below are four helpful tips to consider before, during and after your training.

  1. READ UP on the training subject especially if you’re relatively new to the industry or topic. Having some basic information will help build a foundation for your learning. If you don’t know where to begin, reach out to the company organizer and ask if there are any helpful recommended readings or glossary of terms that you could familiarize yourself with ahead of time.
  2. NETWORK with your fellow classmates and instructors! I know this comes natural to some and may not be for others. Start by introducing yourself to your neighbor or tables mates. You may find peers who are either in the same level career wise or someone who might be a great resource down the road. Take business cards and make an effort to follow-up with them directly after the training.
  3. TAKE TIME TO REFLECT on all the new things you just learned. Whether it’s at the end of each day (multi-day training) or after it’s all over. Take some time to write down the connections between concepts you learned in class to your day-to-day job. You learn a bunch of things in a short period of time and it’s easy to forget what your jumbled-up notes mean. Step 3 will also help provide a good starting point to prepare you for Step 4.
  4. REPORT OUT to your manager once you get back to the office. This can be an informal meeting directly with your manager, discussing the concepts you learned at training or it can be a more formal process where you cross train your team members. You are now a wealth of knowledge and knowledge is power!

I try to use these tips whenever I go to trainings and I find that it helps me to retain everything I’ve learned as well demonstrate to my manager that the training dollars are worth it!

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Rosemarie Bundoc is an IACET Accredited Provvider.  She is the Education Manager at the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA). Her main responsibilities are developing and managing in-person and online gear education offerings for members.

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