Posted on: June 9, 2021
Author: Jessica Byrd, Coordinator of Accredited Provider and Member Services
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"Associations play a vital role in connecting people, providing information, advancing members’ careers, and furthering their industries or professions. As technological, social, and economic shifts change how people work and engage with each other, associations have to find new ways to connect with future and potential members."

While IACET is a Standards Developing Organization (SDO) and Accrediting Body, and not necessarily a traditional a membership association, it does provide some similiar services to its stakeholders through individual and corporate affiliateships. IACET still must understand the disruptions that happen in the Continuing Education and Training (CE/T) industry so that it can provide the appropriate resources to its constituents; resources that assist CE/T providers in maintaining and growing their programs.

IACET has recently modified it services and benefits to add additional value to Accredited Providers, Individual Affiliates, and Corporate Affiliates.  These changes increase opportunity for engagement and provide business development opportunities with industry stakeholders.

Three ways to engage with IACET:

  1. Individual Affiliates – come join a network of CE/T Professionals like yourself! Engage, collaborate, and convene!
  2. Corporate Affiliate – become a part of the IACET support by aligning products with our Standards. Take your place in front of our Accredited Providers to offer solutions that support and enhance their CE/T programs.
  3. Accredited Provider – is your continuing education and training program/department IACET accredited? Visit our website or call us today to find out how the IACET Accreditation can enhance your training program and provide you with a framework for development, implementation, and delivery that gives you a significant competitive edge!

For more information, contact us via email at or 703-763-0705 Ext. 104.

About the Author


Holding the title of Coordinator of Accredited Provider and Member Services, Jessica Byrd is charged with handling all member and prospective member inquires directly related to their account. She aides prospective members with any questions they may have in regards to our accreditation process.

With over 10 years of customer service and member service experience, representing the front line of IACET provides her with the opportunity to assist all of our valued providers and individual members to the best of her ability.

Jessica has also been appointed as the staff liaison for the Awards Committee as well as the Membership Committee.

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