Posted on: February 28, 2023
Author: Dr. Kristin Beasly
Adapting to the Adversity that Changes our Lives image

We have been on a wild ride since the COVID-19 Pandemic woke us all out of a deep sleep!

We not only had to navigate remote work from home, but a new level of isolation, and for many a technology crisis!  Families were instantly expected to co-mingle with their kids at home while in school, but also parents were required to share their makeshift home offices with kids (and pets!) while working! The sweats on bottom, dress shirt on top became the new work attire.  Nothing is normal. The lens into this story offers of great comedy, but it’s also been a turn of the century tragedy, as well. We have suffered extreme loss and immeasurable grief as the pandemic has now claimed one million lives and affected countless individuals and families.

I have no doubt that we will recover and rebound to a more resilient place in time, but at this moment in history we are still reeling from the trauma. I should know because tackling trauma and building resilience are my passion. I have been doing work in this arena for decades and have never experienced anything quite like this chaotic collision.

We have not only faced grief, loss, and death due to this pandemic, but we have also faced the unearthing of social injustice, civil unrest, and political divide in ways that are just incomprehensible.   

Not all is lost.  We are changing for good! There is no going back to business as usual, this I know for sure, but we can welcome mental health awareness into the world of work with open arms.  I know that sounds scary but in reality when we learn to communicate in professional ways about our emotions and feelings, we open up a wide range of new opportunities. 

Businesses are going to explode when they learn that the secret to success.  Mental Health Awareness is the leader for the “new normal” and the future.  This requires a commitment and a decision to be progressive. Don’t stick to the status quo of denial and shame associated with not addressing the obvious pain and disruption humans are facing around the globe.

Depression and anxiety are at an all-time high.  This leads to more doctor visits, time off work, and is the leading cause of disability for 15–44-year-olds. The good news is that both are highly treatable when people have access to resources and support. 

Businesses that want to step into the future successfully will integrate people and professions in ways we have never even considered before, but today we start our new normal.  The beginning of seeing the life-work balance as something that benefits us all. When we learn to talk about emotions and communicate in healthy ways, we create a release valve that increases productivity, reduces turnover, increases excitement at work, and fuels healthier, happier communities as a whole.

Yes, we have changed. Let’s take the next leap forward and embrace the people pillar of our organizations and businesses so that leap turns into a successful launch into the future with hope, prosperity, equity, and real life-work balance.  Resilience comes from adapting to the adversity that creates changes in our lives.

About the Author


Dr. B (she/her), a clinical psychologist, trainer, speaker, and certified iPEC Coach (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) is a subject matter expert in trauma-informed care and resilience. What sets her work apart is a commitment to sustainable change, effective implementation, and systemic resilience. Being a Professional Trainer and Speaker starts with being a lifelong learner. Keeping the attention of any diverse group requires academic expertise with the content, real-world experience, inspiration for change, and a passion to make learning relevant to an audience with a variety of learning styles. Over the past two decades she has honed her listening skills as a Clinical Psychologist, her training skills by creating and teaching curriculum as a tenured college professor, and her business skills by owning and running an organic tangerine and plum farm in the central San Joaquin Valley.

These experiences have taught her to deliver complex information in easy-to-understand and highly applicable ways, so people feel heard and energized for change and success. Experience matters. she has authored/co-authored and designed teams to implement over $10 million in grant-funded projects for a variety of organizations, big and small. She did clinical work at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic Hospital, worked with Hmong refugees at the Fresno Adult Literacy Council, and was the very first CSU, Fresno Fansler Institute Leader in Early Childhood Education. There is a lot of intersection in the field of trauma and understanding the impact Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) have on physical and mental health.

She has had speaking engagements across the country on a variety of topics that all lead back to building strong, resilient businesses, organizations, programs, and people! Below is a short list of speaking engagements: Dialoguing about Diversity (Cleveland, OH), Now You See Me, Now You Don’t: The Neurobiology of Implicit Bias (award winning “Best Presentation”), (Northridge, CA), Leadership in a Diverse Society (Honolulu, HI), The Hand that Rocks the Cradle: Mental Health Consultation (Sacramento, CA, and Fresno, CA), The Hand that Rocks the Cradle: A Photographic Journey Across America (Sacramento CA, and Shaker Heights, OH), Talking About My Generation: How Gen Differences Impact the Workforce (St. Petersburg, FL), Stress, Depression, and Suicide during a Pandemic (Virtual). When people feel supported, your company will excel. The world has fundamentally changed and meeting the needs of your workforce and clientele is how you will stand out.

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