Posted on 11-Aug-21
Accredited Provider and  Affiliates Corner: August 2021 image

While IACETs primary purpose is to serve as our industry’s accrediting body, we also offer an opportunity for Individuals to be a part of a, professional society within the continuing education and training space.

During IACET’s Individual Affiliate Engagement Drive, save $30 on fees. Join IACET and continuing education industry professionals in advancing the global workforce through accreditation by getting involved! Now through September 30, 2021, join for $99!

Benefits include:

  • Full voting rights
  • Our monthly CET Connection Newsletter
  • Ability to join a Committee or Taskforce
  • Complimentary Professional Development Webinars ($45 for non-members)
  • Discounts on publications, workshops, and other networking opportunities
  • Member-only events

If you are interested in joining as an Individual Affiliate or know someone who is in connecting to the industry, direct them to our website NOW at

Use Discount Code: IAFFL2021 to join for $99 today and start taking advantage of the opportunity to engage with continuing education and training professionals worldwide!

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