Posted on: May 25, 2021
Author: LaDawn Townsend, CEO of VOS Group
3 Tips for Overcoming Common Marketing Strategy Obstacles image

Marketing. This area within an organization can attribute to up to 60% of new learner enrollment.

However, with all the latest tips, tricks, and gadgets in the marketplace, you may be wondering if the costs outweigh the benefits. But when implemented correctly, a marketing strategy does wonders, especially when you are looking to increase the number of learners in your programs. So, what are some common obstacles that appear when undertaking a marketing strategy? Here are a few.

  1. The first obstacle is when companies expect marketing efforts to be a short-term project which will inevitably delivers short-term results. The goal is to have the opposite results. Marketing strategies are a long-term process that takes time to provide results.
  2. A second obstacle is a lack of proper training. When organizations outsource or either hire in-house marketing professionals, most of the jobs and functions will need change to keep up with the demand of your strategy. Employees need to be trained on the goals of your organization along with knowing how their role supports the overall goal of the organization and the ability to pivot quickly with precision.
  3. Other areas of risk contributing to the failure of marketing strategies are a lack of resources, leadership, communication, resistance to change, organizational structure, and organizational culture. Essentially, it is key to have all your team players on the same page when it comes to understanding the goal and how each of their roles contributes to the next team member successfully winning at their role.

Don’t be another statistic. Avoid these common traps when implementing a marketing strategy. For more support in this area sign up to attend one IACET's upcoming professional development seminars focused on marketing courses to potential learners.

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