Posted on 26-Feb-16
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3 Common IACET Application Mistakes

These three mistakes continue to pop-up when I review accredited provider applications: 

#1 – Sending us everything, including the proverbial “kitchen sink”.  We all have day jobs, and Commissioners serve IACET as volunteers.  Please, highlight or underline the relevant words-sections-paragraphs in your attachments to make it easier for us to find the content relative to each section in the application.  We’ll be able to review your application much more quickly.  And we’ll be less cranky, too.

#2 – Sending us policies or procedures when we asked for completed examples of documents.  These completed examples can be hand written, dirty or ugly.  We don’t care.  We simply want evidence that you are following the processes you have told us about. 

IACET Application Mistake #2

#3 – Resumes with no references to adult learning.  

We know you are experts at what you do! It’s our job to review your education program, so we are seeking credentials that relate to expertise in instructional design, adult learning strategies, etc.    

4 Ways To Get Help So You Can Master the IACET Application

It’s time to get started with your application, and there are lots of emotions you might be experiencing - confusion, terror, excitement!?!?!

First of all, remember you are not alone.  

All APs have walked in your shoes – including the Commissioners who will be reviewing your application. Commissioners are just like you.  Most of us have spent hours preparing our own applications, trying not to get stressed about which attachments to include, what a policy should look like, how it’s different from a procedure and being quite clear in what we communicate on paper (and now, ELECTRONICALLY – how cool is that!). Below are 4 ways to help you navigate the application process: 

  1. Attend an AP Application Assistance Workshop – These workshops are particularly helpful if this is the first time you are submitting your program to be certified, or if you truly want to have a thorough mastery of each of the 10 elements within the ANSI/IACET 1-2013 Standard.  This event assists prospective and renewing APs in completing their application.  The Workshop is the combination of three (3) 1-hour self-paced e-Learning modules combined with a 6-hour hands-on workshop.  These are designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the IACET Application.  Each element of the ANSI/IACET 1-2013 Standard is thoroughly discussed during this workshop, and the 1 one 1 guidance that is provided is extremely helpful.
  2. IACET eLearning Module 1 ScreenshotPurchase the self-paced e-Learning modules.  There are three (3) 1-hour modules available on the IACET website.  Training is provided through a variety of online formats and provides easily customizable sample documents and templates—such as forms, checklists, reference sheets and policy forms. Once purchased, you can go back again and again to review the information as you work on your own application. 
    1. Module 1:  Becoming an IACET accredited Accredited Provider (AP)
    2. Module 2:  Administration
    3. Module 3:  Content Management
  3. Attend the IACET AP Webinars – Not only are these FREE to members, but they are offered monthly and are really a good investment of your time.  The Q&A session at the end of each allows you to ask your questions and learn from other AP’s questions regarding interpretation many of the elements in the application.  I recommend attending these webinars whenever you schedule allows.
  4. Make use of the templates provided by IACET
    1. AP Application Project Plan Template
    2. Accredited Provider Self-Assessment Checklist
    3. Policy format
    4. Procedure format
    5. Instructional design documentation

Final note: What you may not know is that the IACET Commissioners are volunteers who have day jobs outside of IACET.  So, please be kind, and be clear with what you provide in your application.  Hint:  Make it easy for us to review your application by highlighting applicable portions within your attachments.  We love that!


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