Posted on: March 10, 2021
Author: Aaron Gooch, Marketing and Operations Assistant
Tips for Millennials in the Workplace - March 2021 image

Everyone could use some tips to help them out in the workplace, right? Well here is some tips for millennials in the workplace. First let us start with problems millennials face professionally. Millennials tend to not be motivated when they feel there is no purpose to their work, they are not the most patient bunch, and they put too much into the thought of wanting to make an impact.

A way to combat these thinking habits are to slow down, focus on performing each task as best as you can, and you will see that is also very rewarding in itself. Flexibility is something that can motivate millennials greatly. If you are able, speak to your supervisor about having a schedule that includes working remotely at times. Think to yourself frequently and honestly about how you believe you are doing. If you believe you can handle more tasks, find more to do.  If you are satisfied with the quality of your work and the manner in which it was done, it is alright to relax and wait for more opportunities to be exemplary.

The most successful careers are not achieved overnight. It takes hard work, dedication, patience, and much more. This starts with realizing that not all work must come with a reward or praise.  Sometimes you will have to acknowledge your own accomplishments quietly and move on.

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A student at Northern Virginia Community College, I am not a stranger to the non-profit world. I interned at the American Gear Manufacturers Association where I assisted the education, membership, and technical departments with various projects. Here at IACET, I am the Special Projects Assistant where I primarily work with the Marketing and Operations departments. I am the primary contact for social media and assisting or directing our stakeholders to the appropriate person to discuss their needs.

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