Promotional banner for IACET's Artificial Intelligence Symposium titled 'Impact of the New Age: Converge, Innovate and Excel.' The banner features a futuristic design with a blue and black color scheme, incorporating circuit board patterns and an AI brain illustration. Details include the event date 'Wednesday, October 9, 2024', the location 'Charlotte, NC', and the website ''

Sarah Bell Head of Learning & Development
SES Sattellites

Headshot of Sarah Bell

Sarah Bell is an accomplished learning and development leader with over a decade of experience across diverse industries, including space, telecommunications, cyber, and intelligence. As the Head of Learning and Development at SES Satellites, she leads a centralized team dedicated to delivering transformative learning solutions and development programs that drive employee-led growth and skill enhancement, ensuring the company’s future readiness. Additionally, she serves as a commissioner at the International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training, where she meticulously reviews and provides feedback on accreditation applications.


Josh Cavalier Founder & CEO

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Josh Cavalier is a seasoned entrepreneur and renowned expert in Learning & Development, specializing in the innovative use of generative AI tools. With over three decades of experience, Josh has been at the forefront of integrating technology into educational frameworks, enhancing the learning experience for professionals across various industries. As the founder and CEO of he has spearheaded numerous projects that leverage AI to improve productivity and creativity. Josh is also a dynamic speaker and content creator, hosting the popular weekly live show, "Brainpower," where he provides hands-on training in AI. His pragmatic approach and in-depth knowledge make him a sought-after speaker and consultant in the field of AI-driven learning solutions.


Bradley Davis, BRMP Director, Content and Training Development

Headshot of Bradley Davis

Bradley A. Davis, BRMP, is the Director of Training and Content Development for the International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training as well as the Principal and Founder of Arete Ink LLC, a development and design firm which helps organizational talent achieve its highest potential. A cross-functional collaborator and instructional project manager, he has worked in the non-profit association space over the last decade, bringing innovation, intentional data management and usage, and content strategy to shape organizations supporting the Military History, Government Service, Education, and Cross-Enterprise Healthcare spaces. Bradley graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University with a B.A. in History in addition to earning both a Master of Military History and a Certificate in Teaching and Learning from Norwich University as well as the Business Relationship Management Professional credential from the BRM Institute. He is a 2024 – 2026 American Society for Association Executive (ASAE) Diversity in Executive Leadership Scholar and serves on the ASAE Professional Development Professionals Advisory Council.


Ameena Elahi, CIIP, RT, MPA Application Manager
Penn Medicine

Headshot of Ameena Elahi

Ameena Elahi is an Imaging Informaticist and Application Manager at Penn Medicine, where she co-chairs the Clinical Imaging AI Program and is responsible for project oversight for image applications, including research. She holds a BS in Health Administration from Drexel and a master’s in Public Administration from Keller. She is currently enrolled in The University of Pennsylvania’s Organization Dynamics Master’s program, where she is studying to be a leadership and organizational coach. Ameena volunteers for various imaging informatics programs and organizations, including RAD-AID International, where she is the Director of Informatics Operations.  She was elected to the Society of Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) board in 2021; as of 2023, she is serving her second term.  Ameena is the first author and co-author of various peer-reviewed articles and scientific abstracts. She is also the owner and founder of ReleasePointe, an educational provider dedicated to advancing the careers of professionals in the allied health sector. Specializing in courses that focus on informatics and leadership, we aim to bridge the gap between clinical expertise and technological proficiency.


Delaney King Owner
Voyageur Communications

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Delaney King is passionate and enthusiastic about writing curriculum, content and training material for a purpose. She is a facilitator and instructor who works with people, teams and corporations to develop and deliver specialized curriculum and training.  Delaney has a master’s degree in Adult Education & Global Change with a specialization in curriculum development and educational coaching for seminars, workshops and short courses. She also has over ten year’s experience as an instructor and trainer working with adults in all types of environments and workspaces.  Delaney is comfortable working with people from all cultures and has created training strategies to deal with adults who face multiple barriers and issues in their personal and professional lives..



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