Promotional banner for IACET's Artificial Intelligence Symposium titled 'Impact of the New Age: Converge, Innovate and Excel.' The banner features a futuristic design with a blue and black color scheme, incorporating circuit board patterns and an AI brain illustration. Details include the event date 'Wednesday, October 9, 2024', the location 'Charlotte, NC', and the website ''

Welcome to your prelude to the IACET Artificial Intelligence Symposium.

This resource hub equips you with key insights and preparatory materials, including an enlightening AI Webinar Series and informative blogs, designed to enhance your understanding and readiness for the main event. Dive in to gain a competitive edge and maximize your symposium experience, whether you're attending in-person or tuning in remotely.

Webinar Series: Discover the Impact of the New Age

Get ready for the upcoming IACET Artificial Intelligence Symposium by joining us for our AI Webinar Series which offers a comprehensive dive into the future of learning through three engaging installments. Get a sneak peek of the AI discussions and innovations that will be showcased further at the IACET AI Symposium in Charlotte, North Carolina. This three-part series is crafted to reshape your approach to education in the digital age.

Now and Beyond: AI Shaping the Future of Learning

July 25, 2024

Explore the transformative impact of AI on continuing education and training. Learn about integrating AI into company policies with an emphasis on data protection and privacy, practical applications of AI-driven learning initiatives, and the value AI adds through automation, curriculum design, and compliance with training standards.


Hitchhiker's Guide to Artificial Intelligence

August 29, 2024

Navigate through the complex intersection of policy, practice, and AI in continuing education. Discover how to balance regulatory requirements and ethical considerations while leveraging AI technologies to maximize educational impact.


AI on the Payroll: Leveraging AI for Content Development

September 26, 2024

Unlock the secrets to training effectiveness with strategic prompt generation. Explore how AI-driven prompt generation techniques can optimize learning outcomes, enhance skill retention, and drive organizational success.



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