Oh, What a World: Training 2022 Expo in Review


At the end of February, IACET exhibited at Training 2022 Conference and Expo, our team’s first major outing since the COVID-19 Pandemic re-shaped our “rules” of connection. Armed with IACET’s infamous stress balls, sunglasses, hand sanitizers, and a few extra surprises, we joined over 1000 trainers and professionals at Disney’s Coronado Springs to both celebrate a return to in-person events and to share experiences and lessons learned over the last three years.

eLearning Accessibility: A Critical Business Mandate


Accessibility is increasingly becoming a non-negotiable mandate when it comes to eLearning.  Equal opportunity to learning is a fundamental right of every individual irrespective of his/her physical disposition. This is the premise on which the entire online accessibility movement began.

What You Can Learn from Observing Children


Most states have identified a list of skills that children should be able to demonstrate as they head into public school. Assessment tools are likely to mirror these lists of skills and a teacher’s observations will help them complete these assessment tools.

However, there are other things you can learn about children that might not be listed on the state-sanctioned list of school-readiness skills. Observing children can help teachers get to know children and engage with them in meaningful ways that transcend the required assessments.


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