How to Retain Your Best Employees with Digital Credentials


Data proves that it is significantly less costly to upskill and train your existing workforce, with the goal to retain and fill unoccupied jobs, versus hiring outside of your organization. Hiring new employees is expensive. On average, companies spend between six to nine months of an employee's salary to successfully recruit and onboard a new member.

What if there was an easier way to surface and retain incumbent talent, and maximize your company’s dedication and commitment to its best employees? This article is brought to IACET by Credly. @Credly

Which of My Courses Do I Show IACET for Accreditation?


In both applications for IACET accreditation (initial or renewal) you are asked to submit evidence from actual courses (exemplary courses) to show that you follow the policies and processes submitted.  The reviewers need to see an exemplary course for each type of delivery methodology used by your organizations.? IACET classifies training delivery methodology in three ways... 

Ensuring a streamlined IACET accreditation review


The applications for IACET initial and reaccreditation require the applicant to upload documents to show compliance to each of the elements in the ANSI/IACET 1-2018 Standard for Continuing Education and Training.  The desire for a provider to share with the reviewers all the details regarding their programs can cause the applicant to overlook and disregard the guidance given throughout the applications. In most cases, less is more.


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