IACET Asia Pacific

IACET Asia Pacific

IACET is focusing on setting the Standard for education and training of the global workforce through accreditation of instructional design and delivery to providers of education and training for emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

After IACET's visit to India in December 2017, interest in the leading global IACET instructional design and delivery standard has been strong. 

See photos from our events in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru.

Talk with us in person about how IACET can:

  • give your organization a competitive edge.
  • help your organization benchmark itself against a global Standard.
  • help prepare for succession planning.
  • assist in streamlining the continuing education and training operations and enjoy new efficiencies.
  • help the provider offer high quality instructional design and delivery for the training it offers.
  • discuss the opportunity to partner on world class train-the-trainer events.

Who is IACET?

Host a Webinar with IACET for Asia/Pacific Friends

Would you like to partner with IACET to offer a webinar and get exposed to a global continuing education and training audience? We provide the platform and promotions, your organization provides interesting content that teaches a sophisticated audience something interesting about adult continuing education and training.  Find out more. 

Setup a Skype Meeting with IACET

IACET is currently setting up skype meeting on Asia Pacific Local time on the following dates.  To schedule a meeting, just email ceo@iacet.org to request your time..




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