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11. Six Steps to Submitting CEU Calculations

Only IACET Accredited Providers can issue IACET CEUs to learners.  Demonstrating how an organizations calculates IACET CEUs is an important part of both the initial and re-accreditation applications and is one of the few instances of the application that is prescriptive.  These steps will help ensure that your organization calculates IACET CEUs in the  proper manner.

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12. The six steps required to complete the Annual Report and Dues payment

IACET makes every effort to make the renewal process painless and easy.  Completing your annual report and paying your annual dues is a breeze using the step-by-step process in the IACET Portal.

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13. New Resources for Applicants

After purchasing the ANSI/IACET Standard 1-2018 for Continuing Education and Training, organizations seeking accreditation complete an application.  As an applicant begins to provides information in the application, she may have questions or need some guidance.  To aid applicants, IACET has a selection of documents and white papers available to assist.

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14. Self-Audit Checklists: Essential to the Annual Report

Each year, on their anniversary, Accredited Providers (APs) are required to submit an annual report along with membership dues.  The annual report with a self-audit is a requirement for maintaining accreditation and is essential for an organization’s ability to continue to claim IACET AP status and issue IACET CEUs.

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15. Policy Documentation for Accreditation

IACET requires policies and processes to be submitted as part of the accreditation process to document compliance with the Standard.  Discover what policy is relative to the Standard, and learn some general considerations you should bear in mind as you write, revise, and submit your policies as part of your application for accreditation.

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16. 3 Mistakes I See On IACET Applications + 4 Ways To Get Help

Veteran IACET Commissioner Friedman discusses three common mistakes on the IACET accreditation application and how to avoid them.

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