Six Steps to Submitting CEU Calculations


Only IACET Accredited Providers can issue IACET CEUs to learners.  Demonstrating how an organizations calculates IACET CEUs is an important part of both the initial and re-accreditation applications and is one of the few instances of the application that is prescriptive.  These steps will help ensure that your organization calculates IACET CEUs in the  proper manner.

Accreditation Tip of the Month - After Accreditation, What Comes Next?


You have earned accreditation. Well done!  This is not the end however, but merely the beginning of your relationship with IACET.  For the application to have been successful, you had to provide important documentation to show compliance.  This continues on an annual basis as long as you are an accredited provider.  You will need to submit documents and answer questions to maintain your status as an Accredited Provider. 

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