Posted on: June 17, 2020

The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) is excited to announce the opening of signups for 2020-2021 committees and taskforces. Individual members or persons associated with an Accredited Provider in good standing are eligible to participate in one or more of these rewarding professional workgroups.  IACET CEO, Casandra Blassingame said, “In accordance with the 2020-2021 Strategic Plan, Strategy #2 focuses on Accredited Provider and Member Engagement. IACET has a range of member profiles — from key stakeholders like board members on down to everyday customers. It is important for the health of the organization to incentivize leadership roles and to support new leaders as they emerge within the group. IACET will continually provide opportunities to strengthen stakeholder engagement as you become ambassadors for the organization.”  Workgroup signups will be open until August 14, 2020 and will be appointed shortly thereafter. Below please find an explanation of each committee and task force for your review. It is easier and faster than ever to sign-up. Login at and follow the instructions below.

Competency-based Learning Task Force     

IACET has developed a specification that seeks to provide research-based practices, directions and recommendations to providers who wish to build solid and credible competency-based learning programs.  This task force will take this work to the next phase by developing a business plan and overseeing a pilot accreditation program for IACET’s endeavor into the field of competency-based learning.

Open Digital Badging Task Force     

In response to industry trends and stakeholder needs, IACET assembled a task force of industry experts to develop a white paper and a specification that provides guidance on the best practices in a metadata and quality assurance standard for open digital badges (ODB).  This task force will build on that work by developing a business plan and prototype accreditation program for IACET’s initiative in the open digital badging ecosystem.

Membership Task Force               

The IACET Membership Task Force is appointed and charged with responsibilities associated with recruitment, retention, member benefits and satisfaction of members. The Task Force shall  plan, develop, guide implementation, and evaluate member programs, to include (but is not limited to) benefits, services and/or programs consistent with the IACET mission, strategic plan, and/or direction provided the IACET Board of Directors.      

Distance Learning Task Force

The Distance Learning Task Force is responsible for providing guidance on the best practices for learning at a distance. This task force will continue to build on the current guidance document that has been created for the CE/T Industry and ensure the guidance documents readiness for the standards review process.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee issues the call for nominations each year, reviews the organizational and individual candidates and determines the awardees. Additionally, this group presents ideas for new service awards and makes recommendations for any necessary changes to the overall process. Expectations include two to three conference calls during the months of March to July.  Committee members are also expected to provide timely consideration of applications for awards during these months.

Bylaws, Policies and Procedures Committee

Chaired by the Secretary of the Board, this committee looks closely at IACET's procedures for documentation and revision control. The committee also looks at IACET's policies and procedures of each leadership group to ensure that they are in line with the bylaws and consistent between the groups.  Expectations include attendance on conference calls quarterly depending on the work required.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee, chaired by the Treasurer of the Board, provides reports on the current state of the organizational budget, develops policies pertaining to the financial health of the organization, and with the assistance of a financial advisor, puts together an investment strategy for the organization.  Expectations for the Finance Committee involve quarterly conference calls for financial report review.

Nominations & Elections Committee

The Nominations and Elections Committee, chaired by an IACET Board Member, reviews timelines, processes, and candidates to fill the necessary positions for IACET's leadership.  Expectations involve attending conference calls, especially during the Spring and Summer when the nominations and elections process occurs. Other representatives on the committee are from IACET's general membership, Board of Directors, Commission and Council on Standards Development. All members oversee the nominations and elections for the Board of Directors, Commissioners and Council members each year.

To learn more about these rolls and sign-up for a committee that interests you, login at and follow the instructions below:

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