Posted on: July 21, 2015
Press Release

The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) announced today that it will now accept applications for IACET Accredited Provider status online.  The move to online application processing ties more closely with the overall strategic mission of IACET:  to advance the global workforce by providing the standard framework for quality learning and development through accreditation. 


IACET has selected Heuristic Solutions as its partner for the development of the IACET online application. This new system automates both the IACET AP Application and renewal process enabling applicants to upload documents in an efficient and logical paperless approach.


IACET receives roughly 100 applications from new and renewing continuing education and training providers’ annually. “Working with Heuristic Solutions, we have thoroughly evaluated and improved every aspect of the IACET application process. Heuristics Learning Builder platform allowed us to completely customize the process to meet the needs of our unique program and the needs of our customers,” says Casey Ward Goldberg, Associate Vice President for Credentialing Services. “With the decision to move online made nearly a year ago”, Amy Hyams, Ed.D., Accreditation Commission Chair said, “we are thrilled to announce the launch of this new platform and believe that this move will help to streamline the application process enhancing both the application and renewal process and expanding accessibility for applicants worldwide.”


About Heuristic Solutions

Since 1996, Heuristic Solutions has served as the behind the scenes technology partner for associations. Recognizing the gap in the software market for comprehensive credentialing management solutions, Heuristic Solutions relaunched its flagship software, Learning Builder in 2009 to address the unique needs of accreditation, certification, and licensing organizations.

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About IACET: The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) is a non-profit association dedicated to quality continuing education and training programs. IACET accredits education providers that meet strict continuing education guidelines originally created in 1968 and recently updated by the IACETCouncil for Standards Development (ICSD). IACET accreditation is the standard learners seek for quality when they choose a provider. IACET's Standard is the core of thousands of educational programs worldwide.  For more information, please visit or call 703-506-3275.




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