Posted on: March 6, 2023

The Nominations and Elections Committee is seeking applications to fill vacancies on the Council for Standards Development (Council).

The Council oversees the development of IACET standards by developing and maintaining policies and procedures for complying with the American National Standards Institute’s Essential Requirements for Standard Developers and by reviewing processes performed by each IACET’s Standard Consensus Bodies for compliance.

As a volunteer role, this position requires attending at least four meetings a year (quarterly), but may be up to eight meetings. Members of the Council serve three-year terms.

Requirements for serving

  • Interest in and commitment to improving the quality of Continuing Education and Training (CE/T) through the development of standards.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of or significant interest in the most current ANSI Essential Requirements for Standards Developers.
  • Abide by the IACET Policies & Procedures.
  • Complete an ICSD training program via webinar and/or other electronic means, as required.
  • For full details regarding the volunteer opportunity please review the position description here.

Benefits to you

  • Built-in access to market research on best practices in continuing education and training.
  • Develop an understanding of ANSI’s Essential Requirements for Standards Developers.
  • Future leadership opportunities within IACET.
  • Observation of trends in the continuing education and training industry, and standards development.


The deadline to apply is March 24 @ 9:00 a.m. EDT (UTC-4).

Apply HERE

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