Strategic Planning Workshop for CE/T Organizations

Get ready to take your learning organization to the next level.  IACET's Strategic Planning Workshop (SPW) is designed to assist organizations in thinking outside the box regarding how they implement continuing education and training programs.  Often, organizations get caught in a rut of doing things the same way year after year and lack strategic direction to address business, performance, learning and learner goals. As change continues to affect 21st century learning organizations, strategic planning to address an organization's learning goals has never been more important.

As part of this workshop, IACET will provide a professional facilitator who is a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance by the Association of Talent Development and who is experienced in strategic planning and the Learning and Development industry. The facilitator will help guide the organization through important phases of developing a strategic plan to take their organization to the next level.


  • Analyze data regarding the learning organization's purpose and business goals.
  • Position the organization to envision a spectrum of practical new possibilities regarding how it designs and delivers relevant training.  Specific issues that will be explored include:
    • Integration of the ANSI/IACET 1-2018 Standard for Continuing Education and Training into the learning organization.
    • Flipped classroom to leverage technology.
    • Blended learning.
    • Micro-learning and associated strategies for content repurposing.
    • New distance learning offerings and technology drivers to leverage efficiency.
    • Micro-credentialing and creating pathways for innovating learning and promotion of the organization's programs.
    • Augmented reality learning aids.
    • Synchronous learning options.
    • Learning management systems and features needed to meet the goals.
    • Methods for increasing learning transfer.
    • Digital badging and micro-credentialing strategies.
  • Identify the organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as change continues to affect all organizations.
  • Discuss business/operating models for managing change and serving the customer.
  • Develop a tangible and achievable strategic plan for the organization regarding its continuing education and training initiatives.


The Strategic Planning Workshop is designed for learning organization staff and leadership.  Those that have a voice in the learning organization's direction and those who are most familiar with the intricacies of the organization are those that should consider attending.


"Atrium Health is among the largest non-profit health systems in the country. Our leadership position in the industry depends heavily upon the institution’s strategic agility to meet the challenges of the marketplace innovatively while simultaneously impacting patient value and the quality of patient outcomes.  

The IACET Strategic Planning workshop prepared our Performance Excellence Center team to integrate innovative thinking into the training delivery model so that employees at all hierarchical levels can participate fully in the organization’s management action planning model, connecting strategic planning to strategic execution. 

IACET provided wonderful, generous facilitator and treasure trove of knowledge.  Because of his extensive international experience,  he demonstrated how intentionality in organizational learning is the pathway to continuous improvement, innovation, and sustainable transformation. 

Thinking strategically means that our organization must focus on its intent to drive learning as a top priority in order to create a higher order for industry standards that support patient value and patient outcomes. Among the outstanding learnings from the IACET workshop, we learned how to demonstrate connections that drive successful strategic execution."

Laura Foxx
Director of Performance Improvement
Atrium Health, Charlotte, North Carolina USA


1.5 to 2 days is recommended for this event. Shorter time frames can be arranged by reducing outcomes.


The confidential pre-event questionnaire will involve attendees completing a short questionnaire about their views of their organization and the current position of the applicable training organization.  This online survey administered by IACET must be completed several days before the event begins so the facilitators can process the results.  Questionnaire analysis will be used by IACET to structure the sessions and discussions. Attendees will need to complete and submit the questionnaire by a mutually agreed upon deadline.

DAY ONE (first/last half of the day)
(Recommended 3-4 hours)

  1. Welcome and stage setting meeting.
    The welcome meeting will involve listening to the position of the organization from the views of the attendees and summarizing the survey findings. This meeting will involve group discussions, collaborative discovery activities, and consensus building toward the session objectives. Components of this session include:
    1. Discuss the organization's:
      1. Strengths
      2. Weaknesses
      3. Opportunities
      4. Threats.
  1. Clearly define the organization’s business, performance and learning needs. This will serve to provide a framework and context to consider the solutions introduced the next day.

DAY TWO (FULL DAY) 8:30 to 4 p.m.

  1. Review SWOT analysis.
  2. Review problems to be solved and/or tensions to manage.
  3. Position the organization to envision a spectrum of practical possibilities and tools regarding how it designs and delivers relevant training.  
  4. Overcome or adapt to threats as change continues to pervade the industry and organization.
  5. Discuss business/operating models for managing change and serving the customer in the context of the learning organization.
  6. Finalize development of the strategic plan.


A facilitation fee will be charged with 50% due at the time of scheduling plus economy travel expenses for a facilitator. Rates vary due to how the program is offered. Rates range from $2,995 to $4,995.

IACET offers a money back guarantee for this session, minus travel expenses. Our primary concern is that the client’s needs be met, and we are excited to play a part in your organization's continuing education and training program. 


This session does not affect the client’s IACET continuing education and training accreditation status or play a role in the (re)application process for accreditation.

IACET has no proprietary interest in any product or service mentioned as part of this workshop. All facilitators for this program hold advanced degrees in education and are Certified Professionals in Learning and Performance by the Association of Talent Development and have substantial experience with strategic planning.


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