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Using Social Media Strategies to Promote Learning: Lunchtime Learning

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June 8, 2023

12:00–1:00 pm EDT

In this webinar, Dr. Charles Chaffin discusses how some of the same strategies used by social media platforms can be useful in promoting learning in both online, hybrid, and classroom-based instruction. He will talk about everything gamification to regular feedback to assessments and how your organization can attract and retain learners.

After attending this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Recognize best practices for leveraging social media platforms for learning in multi modalities.
  • Discuss uses of gamification in attracting and retaining learners
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Charles Chaffin

Charles Chaffin is a consultant, researcher, and educator focusing on a variety of topics related to financial planning. Dr. Chaffin’s work encompasses a broad range of fields, from educational and cognitive psychology to financial planning and life in the information age. His research and teaching focuses on learner cognition in a variety of formats, including delivery methods and learning styles as well as client behaviors and attitudes within finance. His work focuses on one of the biggest issues of our time: Information, most notably how we manage, retain, and use it in all aspects of our lives. 

He has written and edited six books related to psychology and finance, including his most recent book, Numb: How the information age dulls our senses and how we can get them back. Dr. Chaffin is the host of his own podcast, “The Numb Podcast.” He speaks and consults with a variety of organizations and businesses regarding ways to manage all the pushes and pulls on attention and how we can stay focused on our short and long-term goals in such a noisy world.

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