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Assessing your Learning Objectives and Assessment Strategy

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via Zoom Webinars

July 7, 2022

1:00–2:00 pm EDT

How do you know that you are assessing the right skills and competencies? What do you want the people with your designation or credential to be able to know and do? How do you know that they can achieve the benchmarks you developed? Has your needs analysis to determine what people should know and do comprehensive enough?

In his upcoming webinar, Dr. Charles Chaffin, author, educator, and consultant, will explore these questions, specifically how to develop assessments that help you ensure that your organization is measuring the right outcomes in the right way. In this interactive session, he will talk about the process of developing good assessments as well as refining existing ones to ensure that your organization is meeting the ANSI/IACET Standard.

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Charles Chaffin

Charles Chaffin is a consultant, researcher, and educator focusing on a variety of topics related to financial planning. Dr. Chaffin’s work encompasses a broad range of fields, from educational and cognitive psychology to financial planning and life in the information age. His research and teaching focuses on learner cognition in a variety of formats, including delivery methods and learning styles as well as client behaviors and attitudes within finance. His work focuses on one of the biggest issues of our time: Information, most notably how we manage, retain, and use it in all aspects of our lives. 

He has written and edited six books related to psychology and finance, including his most recent book, Numb: How the information age dulls our senses and how we can get them back. Dr. Chaffin is the host of his own podcast, “The Numb Podcast.” He speaks and consults with a variety of organizations and businesses regarding ways to manage all the pushes and pulls on attention and how we can stay focused on our short and long-term goals in such a noisy world.

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