Harbinger Group

Harbinger is a global technology company that builds products and solutions transforming the way people work and learn. For 30 years, we have been innovating alongside organizations that are in the people business – serving the Human Resources, eLearning, Digital Publishing, Education, and High-Tech sectors.

At Harbinger, we understand that building a great solution requires in-depth knowledge of the user, the nuances of the business, and expertise in technology. That is why we provide both end-to-end Product Development and Content services.

Our pedigree in eLearning and building next-generation products has fostered a culture of continuous learning. We experiment with new technologies, easily embrace new ideas, and creatively apply them to our customer’s products.

Our products and solutions enable workforce transformation through continuous innovation. We know how to design learning interventions within work activities for better outcomes and engagement. Our products, frameworks, and accelerators such as Raptivity, Quillionz, Skimthru, SprinkleZone, LightningCheck, eLearning Content Player, and Pritella help you envision and embrace the Future of Work, Future of Learning, and Future of Automation.

To learn more, visit us at www.harbingergroup.com

Email id: contact@harbingergroup.com


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