EnGen, a Certified B Corporation, empowers immigrants, refugees and speakers of other languages to achieve self-sufficiency, economic mobility, civic participation, and a better quality of life through virtual English language education. Prior to launching in 2020, the award-winning language learning platform was built and refined for ten years and informed by data of over four million learners. EnGen supports learners from employers such as Amazon, Walmart, University of Maryland, Futuro Health, the state of Colorado, as well as community colleges, adult education providers, and immigrant-serving organizations. Certified by Digital Promise as a research-backed organization, the EnGen platform can be configured to meet the needs of any adult education provider, and is based on decades of research on technology-mediated language training, adult learning, and distance learning. Available on desktop, tablet and mobile, EnGen offers customized learning pathways that adapt to language level, real-world interests, and career goals. For more information about EnGen, visit https://getengen.com.


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