2023 Annual CE/T Conference

The St. Louis Arch behind the Old Courthouse with the words "Meet me in St. Louis on September 12-14, 2023 for IACET's 4th Annual Continuing Education and Training Conference"

The International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) developed the original Continuing Education Unit (CEU) and today ensures that providers of continuing education and training can prove they provide high-quality instruction by following the ANSI/IACET 1-2018 Standard for Continuing Education and Training. The Standard for Continuing Education and Training is a universal model for learning process excellence. It defines a proven model for developing effective and valuable continuing education and training (CE/T) programs by measuring an organization’s training program from development through delivery.

The IACET Accreditation is content agnostic, focusing on how training programs are developed, implemented, designed, and delivered. Our expertise, based on researched and proven best practices, is in providing framework that training content experts can provide a quality learning experience for adult learners. The Standard measures all aspects of a training organizations program development across nine categories. This has allowed for the ANSI accredited IACET Standard to be recognized as the official standard for CE/T in the world.

But across the world, challenges to a weakened talent development pipeline have hampered both the development of individuals and communities at large. This requires a new approach to training that proactively addresses the needs of learners while also advancing the industries and fields in which they serve. With the adult learner at the forefront of workforce optimization, IACET’s 4th Annual Continuing Education and Training Conference encourages abstracts reflective of our conference theme: Cross-Functional Convergence: Innovation in the Continuing Education and Training Ecosystem.


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